Strain Softening

OpenSees Strain Softening Model

A three-dimensional (3D) incremental plasticity constitutive model is developed for simulating the strain softening behavior of soil materials. The constitutive model extends an existing multi-yield surface (MYS) plasticity formulation with a new strain softening logic.

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*Qiu, Z. and Elgamal, A., 2020. Three-Dimensional Modeling of Strain-Softening Soil Response for Seismic-Loading Applications. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 146(7), p.04020053.

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Cyclic Softening Model
In addition to post-peak stress softening, cyclic degradation exhibited by soils due to mechanisms such as pore pressure generation for instance can be incorporated into the developed strain softening plasticity constitutive model.
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